When Does Jedi Fallen Order Take Place?

Understanding the Context: Political and Historical Background

To fully comprehend the timeline of Jedi Fallen Order, it’s crucial to understand the political and historical background of the Star Wars universe during that time. The game takes place shortly after the events of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, which saw the fall of the Jedi Order and the rise of the Galactic Empire.

With the Jedi Order destroyed and the Republic replaced by the Empire, the galaxy is in a state of turmoil. The Jedi are hunted down and exterminated, and the few remaining ones are forced into hiding. In this context, the game’s protagonist, Cal Kestis, must navigate a dangerous and oppressive galaxy as he tries to complete his mission and restore the Jedi Order.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the events of Jedi Fallen Order take place before the original Star Wars trilogy. The game offers a unique perspective on the Star Wars universe during a time period that has not been explored extensively in other media. Understanding this context is crucial to fully appreciating the story and themes presented in the game.

The Protagonist’s Story: Cal Kestis and His Journey

Jedi Fallen Order’s protagonist, Cal Kestis, is a former Padawan who survived the Order 66 massacre and is now on the run from the Empire. The game follows Cal’s journey as he seeks to complete his Jedi training, rebuild the Order, and take revenge against the Empire.

Throughout the game, Cal is haunted by the traumatic events of his past and struggles to come to terms with his role in the destruction of the Jedi Order. He must also confront the fact that the Empire’s agents are always on his trail and must use all of his skills as a Jedi to evade capture.

As players progress through the game, they will learn more about Cal’s backstory and the events that led him to become a fugitive. They will also witness his growth as a Jedi and his development as a character. By the end of the game, Cal’s journey will have taken him to many different planets, and players will have witnessed him face off against some of the Empire’s most formidable foes.

The Empire’s Reign: Impact on the Galaxy and the Jedi Order

Jedi Fallen Order takes place during the height of the Galactic Empire’s power, and its influence can be seen throughout the game. The Empire’s brutal tactics and authoritarian rule have had a profound impact on the galaxy and the Jedi Order.

The Empire has effectively wiped out the Jedi Order, branding them traitors and enemies of the state. This has left a power vacuum in the galaxy, with the Empire exerting control over all aspects of life. The game’s planets and locations are all under the Empire’s rule, and players will encounter stormtroopers, Inquisitors, and other agents of the Empire as they progress through the story.

The game also explores the impact of the Empire’s actions on the Jedi Order and the surviving Jedi. The few Jedi who remain are in hiding, and many of them have given up their lightsabers and abandoned their training. The Empire’s relentless pursuit of the Jedi has made it difficult for them to operate, and many are forced to rely on secrecy and subterfuge to survive.

Jedi Fallen Order offers a fascinating look at the consequences of the Empire’s rise to power and its impact on the Star Wars universe. Players will see firsthand how the Empire’s actions have affected the galaxy and the Jedi Order, and the challenges that Cal and other surviving Jedi face in their quest to restore the Jedi Order.

Bridging the Gap: How Jedi Fallen Order Connects to Other Star Wars Media

Jedi Fallen Order is set within the wider Star Wars universe and features connections to other Star Wars media. The game’s story and characters are tied to the events of the Star Wars films and other media, providing a deeper understanding of the universe as a whole.

One of the most significant connections is the game’s ties to Star Wars Rebels, an animated series that takes place during the same time period. Several characters from Rebels make an appearance in Jedi Fallen Order, including the Mandalorian warrior Sabine Wren and the Jedi Knight Cere Junda.

The game also features references to other Star Wars media, such as the Clone Wars animated series and the Darth Vader comic book series. These connections help to expand the Star Wars universe and provide a more cohesive understanding of the events and characters that inhabit it.

Furthermore, Jedi Fallen Order introduces new characters and storylines that could potentially be explored in future Star Wars media. The game’s protagonist, Cal Kestis, has already become a fan favorite, and there is potential for him to appear in other Star Wars media in the future.

Overall, Jedi Fallen Order serves as a bridge between different aspects of the Star Wars universe and provides a more complete understanding of the events and characters within it.

Setting the Timeline: Exploring the Star Wars Universe

Jedi Fallen Order takes place during a specific time period in the Star Wars universe, providing players with a deeper understanding of the events that occur during this time. The game is set between Episodes III and IV, a time period that has not been explored extensively in other Star Wars media.

During this time, the galaxy is in a state of transition. The Republic has fallen, and the Empire has risen to power. The Jedi Order has been decimated, and the few remaining Jedi are in hiding. Meanwhile, the Rebellion is in its infancy, and the galaxy is filled with uncertainty and fear.

Jedi Fallen Order offers players the chance to explore this time period in depth. They will visit various planets and locations, each with their own unique challenges and dangers. Along the way, they will meet new characters, encounter iconic Star Wars creatures and enemies, and learn more about the events that shaped the galaxy during this time.

The game’s story also touches on themes that are relevant to the Star Wars universe as a whole, such as the struggle between good and evil, the importance of hope, and the power of the Force. By setting the game during this time period, Jedi Fallen Order provides players with a unique perspective on the Star Wars universe and its history.

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